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ReFerox Racing Simulators is a Dutch company situated in the middle-south of the country. Our in-house team of specialists form one group of racing enthusiasts whose goal it is to simply amaze you with the product that arises from our hands. More than three decades of experience, creativity and craftmansship make sure you’re getting the opportunity to drive the most realistic and impressive racing simulator that you’ve ever driven.


Our roots are from the racing industry. We are specialized in producing carbon fibre bodyworks for Porsche cups and Paris-Dakar rally’s. Due to our specialism, we also have been developing and producing professional bodywork racing simulators for multiple F1 trainings centres around the world. In these simulators the drivers are trained in most realistic way possible for the upcoming races.

Next step

The knowledge and experience we have gained in these projects has been used for the development of the ReFerox racing simulators. Unique bodywork racing simulators that match reality in both look & feel. We are bringing a new élan to the simracing industry.


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The Netherlands

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