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More than three decades of experience, creativity and craftmansship make sure you’re getting the opportunity to drive the most realistic formula racing simulator that you’ve ever driven. Our in-house team of specialists form one group of racing enthousiasts whose goal it is to simply amaze you with the product that arises from our hands. We let the simulators do the talking, but we’re always there to support you!

Research and Development​

The racer’s seating position, the point of view, the motion of the car … every detail is taken care of thanks to our research and development team. Also when it comes to quality, we only strive for the best. Our ReFerox formula racing simulators have to perform every single day. That’s why we put a lot of time, money and effort in our research and development program. Every detail has it’s purpose and makes sure you’ll get the best quality and experience available.

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Our range

We offer you two different models: the Formula RF-V and the Formula RF-I. With both models you’ll step into a real formula monocoque to fully experience the senses that come with racing. The RF-V has a wider body which makes it more showy. That’s why this model is a good match for experience centres and marketing activities. The RF-I on the other hand is less wide, fits through normal doorways and is therefore also suitable for private use at home. After you’ve chosen the model, the next step is to fully configurate your racing simulator with the right steering wheel, pedals, surround sound options, tv-screen setups and our own developed motion system. Off course we will help you with the setup that suits you best. 

Model RF-V

Starting from € 25.000
Financial Lease € 591 p/month

Model RF-I

Starting from € 16.000
Financial Lease € 378 p/month

Model RA-I

Starting from € 16.000
Financial Lease € 378 p/month


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Actions speak louder than words. So let our formula racing simulators do the talking and feel the power yourself! We have different models ready for your test drive in one of our Motion Centres.

For more information, please give us a call or send us a message by email or whatsapp to make an appointment.

Race centre Lith  

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HQ + Motion Centre
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5397 GP • Lith
The Netherlands

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