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Also the RF-I racing simulator has an official Formula monocoque. To make it easier to handle we eliminated the sidepods and shortened the body in the back. The driver will have the same entry, seating position and field of view as a real racing driver and with the small size of the simulator it’s easy to handle in every type of room. Together with the high-class bodywork, this racing simulator will offer you only the best hardware available. Feel that Formula sensation and keep on working on your racing skills. 

Formula RF-I

• Body: Official Formula monocoque
• Seating: Alcantara Pads
• Steering Wheel: Ascher Racing
• Wheel Base: Simucube
• Pedals: Heusinkveld
• Screen: Aorus 43” 4K HDR
• Headphone: Logitech
• Motion: Non-motion
• PC: ReFerox Level 1 PC
• Software: Assetto Corsa private use

€ 27.995,- incl VAT

High-end hardware

Referox has taken the world of racing simulators to the next level with its state-of-the-art hardware. Our simulators feature cutting-edge components that provide an immersive experience, bringing the thrill of racing to life. The hardware includes high-end steering wheels, pedals, and audio, all of which are designed to replicate the feel of driving a real race car. With this level of hardware, you can hone your skills and experience the rush of racing without leaving your home.

All our models


The most exclusive simulator with a thorough Formula focus. In this official Formula monocoque you are surrounded by the inner tub of the car and you can literally feel the engine roaring. Let the adrenaline take over and race  in style


The compact Formula simulator that gives you the same point of view as a real racing driver. With the official Formula seating position and high-end racing hardware, you can improve your skills to the highest level.


An uniquely designed racing simulator that gives you the ability to race F1, GT or Rally style. This racing simulator can be extensively customized to meet the specific requirements of private as well as commercial use.


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